Spiritual Science of A Rich Life

A Digital Course To Multiply Your Love, Success & Happiness

How The Program Works

  • Guided meditation is the fastest and most effective way to bypass the limitations of your mind and that is why you will experience a channeled meditation by Joanna every session to increase your spiritual vibration.
  • The guided meditation will help you to integrate the spiritual teaching.
  • It is not enough to know, you must do too! You will be given exercises and tools to apply to your life. That is how you will get more of what you want.

The Spiritual Science of a Rich Life

36 Sessions Total

The 90 Day Curriculum

Week 1

Session 1.1: The Purpose of a Rich Life
Session 1.2: The Formula for a Rich Life
Session 1.3: Define Your Rich Life

Week 2

Session 2.1: Definition Leads to Certainty
Session 2.2: The Scapegoats to a Rich Life
Session 2.3: Discover Your Certain Way

Week 3

Session 3.1: The Spiritual Science of Making Money
Session 3.2: The Reasons Why You Don’t Make The Money You Want
Session 3.3: Opening to Your Abundant Supply

Week 4

Session 4.1: Multiply Your Abundant Supply
Session 4.2: The Secret to a Rich Life
Session 4.3: Putting The Spiritual Science To Work in Your Life

Week 5

Session 5.1: Think Your Rich Life into Reality
Session 5.2: Demonstrate Love, Success and Happiness
Session 5.3: Think in a Certain Way

Week 6

Session 6.1: The Appearance of a Rich Life
Session 6.2: The Enemies of Freedom
Session 6.3: The Antidote for The Rat Race

Week 7

Session 7.1: The Power and Peril of Multiplication
Session 7.2: Seek Heartfelt Fulfillment
Session 7.3: The Myth of Sacrifice

Week 8

Session 8.1: Beware of Competition
Session 8.2: The Creative Way to a Rich Life
Session 8.3: Harmony Lives Inside You

Week 9

Session 9.1: Gratitude For a Rich Life
Session 9.2: Gratitude Moves You Beyond Limitation
Session 9.3: The Reasons Why You Must Be The Best

Week 10

Session 10.1: The Flame of Desire
Session 10.2: Act Out Your Desire Fully
Session 10.3: The Scientist and The Dreamer

Week 11

Session 11.1: Focus Your Will on Self Improvement and Right Action
Session 11.2: Get Rich To Help The Poor
Session 11.3: Maintain a Picture of Wealth and Health in Your Mind

Week 12

Session 12.1: Imagine a Rich World Beyond Poverty
Session 12.2: Put Yourself In the Right Place Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically
Session 12.3: Do What You Desire. You Are In The Right Place and It’s The Right Time To Act

Are You Ready for a Rich Life?

Put these teachings into effect for a rich life. The rich life you create will be in direct proportion to the clarity you have and putting it into action daily. Are you truly ready to multiply your love, success and happiness? Say, “Yes,” and be the master creator of your rich life! I love my clients! I am proud of their achievements and they have become wonderful friends too… Are you truly ready to multiply your love, success and happiness? Say, “Yes,” and be the master creator of your rich life! I love my clients! I am proud of their achievements and they have become wonderful friends too…

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Praise for Spiritual Science of A Rich Life

“I went to school fulltime last winter to get a certification in immigration in Canada. I worked my ass off to get good results, juggled it around my 3 kids, and also working fulltime, my stress level was pretty high. I PASSED!!! I have been in limbo on the making money side of my life. Now all holding back is OVER. Your coaching helped me so much to move into the next phase of setting up my company and moving outwards. You brought some calmness into my world, a sense of belief in myself, and also helped me to connect to why I want to do what I want to do. I am so happy that I took that chance to work with you. I was strapped $$ and held back on signing up. Tonight I am going to party!!! I will definitely have one in your honor!!”

Christine McClean February 10, 2017

“Prior to working with Joanna, I felt discouraged by delays or obstacles that appeared on my path to becoming a purpose-driven entrepreneur. I wanted to overcome the obstacles that seemed to delay the launch of my venture, as well as to get more structure in place. While I believed in the value and importance of the service I was providing, I felt overwhelmed by the logistics of launching my own business. Joanna’s meditations and coaching techniques are powerful and user friendly. She compassionately guides you through the process of making internal changes and connections, in order to experience meaningful external results.”

Christine Badoux Founder, Equine Experiential Coaching and Program Director at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary February 10, 2017

“After just one week of doing Joanna’s “free gift meditations” from A Spiritual Science of a Rich Life, I closed $23K in new business. Needless to say, Joanna’s meditations are the most powerful on the market. Joanna’s Spiritual Science of a Rich Life program is truly a masterpiece – jam packed with priceless, emotionally connective, and energy block-shattering techniques. After coaching privately with Joanna for almost year, I have doubled my income and run a profitable six figure business. The lessons and tools I took from Joanna’s program allowed me to easily and naturally add a more powerful energy and message to my business. And the results were mind-blowing. Not having this program will have you walking away from a potentially profitable business and life that you love. This was one heck of a return on my investment!”

Heather Catania Social Media Innovator February 10, 2017