Begin Your 90 Days of Spiritual Transformation Coaching with master spiritual coach, Joanna Garzilli

Imagine what your life could be like if you multiplied your potential! If you aren’t advancing spiritually, you aren’t living fully. In this 90-day online course, you will learn how to subtract pain from your life, add love to yourself and relationships. The final part of this equation is cultivating a deep spiritual awareness to multiply your joy, career success and income. Spiritual Science of a Rich Life is 18 hours of guided meditations and spiritual teachings that will unlock hidden blockages and give you the tools to embrace what you want, without holding yourself back. With this valuable information, there is no reason why you cannot have a rich life. Subtract the pain from your life… Add what is missing in your relationships and career. Multiply your joy and income!

Join Joanna Garzilli… to tune up your spiritual connection and multiply your potential now. If you aren’t advancing spiritually, you aren’t living fully. You have a choice. You can react to your circumstances and relationships or you can create the day you desire.

Start Living

Know That Your Breakthrough is Coming…

For years I let myself be affected by other people’s perception of me and compromised my core values to be loved and accepted. I feared the people I cared about most wouldn’t accept me. When I feared rejection, I jumped through hoops and did things out of a sense of guilt and obligation in my relationships. This temporarily made others happy but I felt heaviness in my heart and a lack of joy. I felt constricted too. In our 90 days together you will feel layers of old heavy energy lift from your heart. You’ll have the courage and resilience to choose the path that brings you the most joy and happiness. This leads you to wealth, opportunities and memorable experiences that you’ll hold happily in your heart forever. As you keep building these positive rich life experiences, you’ll have more confidence to be more, have more and do more. The evidence will be in front of your eyes, so the next time someone questions your ability or subtly puts down your dreams, you’ll know that they are projecting fear and lack of belief onto you.

90 Days of Spiritual Success

In our 90 days together you’ll learn how to bounce back from unexpected circumstances and betrayals faster. As you get more successful, certain friends, coworkers and family members may be triggered by your success and happiness. They may say hurtful things or discourage you from pursuing a richer life. They are not doing it intentionally to hurt you. They do it because they are scared that you’ll leave them behind and because you are a reminder that they have the ability to live a rich life but they choose not to. Many people stop short of creating a richer life because they think they will hurt others. The truth is the richer life you lead, the more of an inspiration you’ll be to those who seek spiritual growth. As you release your poor thoughts of struggle and lack, new wonderful relationships will come into your life and your current relationships that are in alignment will reach a new level of gratitude and intimacy. Stop trying to hold onto people and a way of life that doesn’t serve you. It is exhausting. I invite you to reach for more of what you desire. Do you have the courage to define your rich life? I know you do!!

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How The Program Works

  • Guided meditation is the fastest and most effective way to bypass the limitations of your mind and that is why you will experience a channeled meditation by Joanna every session to increase your spiritual vibration.
  • The guided meditation will help you to integrate the spiritual teaching.
  • It is not enough to know, you must do too! You will be given exercises and tools to apply to your life. That is how you will get more of what you want.

The Spiritual Science of a Rich Life

36 Sessions Total

The 90 Day Curriculum

Week 1

Session 1.1: The Purpose of a Rich Life
Session 1.2: The Formula for a Rich Life
Session 1.3: Define Your Rich Life

Week 2

Session 2.1: Definition Leads to Certainty
Session 2.2: The Scapegoats to a Rich Life
Session 2.3: Discover Your Certain Way

Week 3

Session 3.1: The Spiritual Science of Making Money
Session 3.2: The Reasons Why You Don’t Make The Money You Want
Session 3.3: Opening to Your Abundant Supply

Week 4

Session 4.1: Multiply Your Abundant Supply
Session 4.2: The Secret to a Rich Life
Session 4.3: Putting The Spiritual Science To Work in Your Life

Week 5

Session 5.1: Think Your Rich Life into Reality
Session 5.2: Demonstrate Love, Success and Happiness
Session 5.3: Think in a Certain Way

Week 6

Session 6.1: The Appearance of a Rich Life
Session 6.2: The Enemies of Freedom
Session 6.3: The Antidote for The Rat Race

Week 7

Session 7.1: The Power and Peril of Multiplication
Session 7.2: Seek Heartfelt Fulfillment
Session 7.3: The Myth of Sacrifice

Week 8

Session 8.1: Beware of Competition
Session 8.2: The Creative Way to a Rich Life
Session 8.3: Harmony Lives Inside You

Week 9

Session 9.1: Gratitude For a Rich Life
Session 9.2: Gratitude Moves You Beyond Limitation
Session 9.3: The Reasons Why You Must Be The Best

Week 10

Session 10.1: The Flame of Desire
Session 10.2: Act Out Your Desire Fully
Session 10.3: The Scientist and The Dreamer

Week 11

Session 11.1: Focus Your Will on Self Improvement and Right Action
Session 11.2: Get Rich To Help The Poor
Session 11.3: Maintain a Picture of Wealth and Health in Your Mind

Week 12

Session 12.1: Imagine a Rich World Beyond Poverty
Session 12.2: Put Yourself In the Right Place Spiritually, Emotionally, Mentally and Physically
Session 12.3: Do What You Desire. You Are In The Right Place and It’s The Right Time To Act

Are You Ready for a Rich Life?

Put these teachings into effect for a rich life. The rich life you create will be in direct proportion to the clarity you have and putting it into action daily. Are you truly ready to multiply your love, success and happiness? Say, “Yes,” and be the master creator of your rich life! I love my clients! I am proud of their achievements and they have become wonderful friends too… Are you truly ready to multiply your love, success and happiness? Say, “Yes,” and be the master creator of your rich life! I love my clients! I am proud of their achievements and they have become wonderful friends too…

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