Private Coaching

Big Miracles 90-Day Breakthrough

Praise for Private Coaching

“There were several wonderful aspects of the coaching program that made it successful for me. Most important to me was the frequency and regularity of the calls with you. I was a bit skeptical (ok very skeptical) that this would be too many calls with limited things to discuss. In reality, I was concerned and anxious for the first few calls in the beginning and even scared to take the calls. Once we got into a rhythm then I really looked forward to the calls and what might be revealed. As I write the review today, I could really use a call with you so once I finish I will take the time to listen to one of our calls and meditations. I miss my Joanna fix!!!  It’s the safest way to take a leap of faith while you are here on earth. Meaning that it’s only time and money, both of which you can’t take with you when you are gone. So while time and money were scarce for me when I started this journey with Joanna it has forever changed me!”

Lorenzo Hickey Ksibi3 February 7, 2017

“I signed up to coach with Joanna to empower myself and gain the focus and power to make my business authentic, helpful to others, on purpose and at least as profitable as my former corporate job. To deepen my creative power and sense of alignment with life. I really enjoyed speaking three times a week. The cadence was great for me because momentum grew throughout the process and I felt deeply supported. I gained an understanding of my relationships and how they were clouding my thoughts and energy. Awareness, appreciation, gratitude and new perspective in how I came to react to people (by not!) who had typically really triggered me, distracting me from what I want to do with my business. Joanna’s comprehensive, momentum building structure is incredibly supportive, personalized, and powerful. It may take you somewhere different than you initially expect but it will take you where you most need to go for the truly highest benefit. It was truly great!”

Amy Douglas Corporate Coach February 7, 2017

“After finishing the one-on-one 90 day coaching with Joanna, I felt more calm, centered and aligned with spirit. I felt more confident in my inner strength and boundaries.  I didn’t see an immediate increase in my income during the 90 days and it took a little longer to manifest.  This year, I will end up making triple what I earned last year.  I also made in one month what I had previously earned in one whole year.  I am grateful to continue to put into practice what I learned in my 90 days with Joanna.  I also followed up and had a life path reading about 6 months after my 90-day coaching.  The focus of my session was on my mother, who had passed away when I was a very young child. I did not have many memories of her and have always felt a piece of me was missing because of it. Previous to the session, I wasn’t ready or in a place that I could connect with my mom and start to heal. During the session, the things that were conveyed resounded with me and helped me move into a place of healing and joy. I feel more connected with my family and specifically my mom. It was a truly unique experience that had a profound impact on me.”

Jessie Phillips Realtor February 7, 2017