Personal Readings

Imagine having absolute clarity for your career, finances, relationships and health

Perhaps you are at a crossroads on your life path?

Are you concerned that you may make a choice that will set you back financially? It could be changing a career, starting a new business, forming a business partnership, hiring employees, moving home or relocating to another country.

Praise for Personal Readings

“Joanna’s Life Path Reading was quite remarkable.”

Ellen Burstyn Academy Award winner January 7, 2017

“Speaking to Joanna felt like coming home to me and I can be quite the skeptic. She brought me to tears and confirmed the true purpose and soul of my dreams.”

Vanessa Marcil Daytime Emmy Winner February 7, 2017

When I first met Joanna, more than 2 years ago, she was doing intuition readings at a party of a mutual friend. As it worked out, I had been late arriving to the party, as I was coming from a wrap party on a film I had just been involved with. Needless to say, I missed my opportunity for a free 15 minute read with a woman who it turns out is the real deal! During the last 10 minutes of the party, Joanna and I struck up a conversation, and I, having no idea who she was, was blown away by her energy. Very open, very giving. We spoke until we were practically kicked out of the house. Joanna graciously gave me a copy of her meditation CD before I left, and it turned out to be the first of several tools Joanna has equipped me with. Her Soul Abundance meditation album was sublime, and I was hooked to learn more. Soon, I learned Joanna had come out with a book, Unleash The Psychic In You, and I found it practical, helpful, intriguing, and easy to follow. As I was spreading the word about Joanna to my friends and clients, and anyone else who I thought could benefit greatly from her gifts. Joanna’s readings came through at a pivotal and confusing time in my life, when everything both personally and professionally was changing all around me. My job as a Commercial Talent Agent was coming to an end, as was a year and a half long personal relationship I had been in. Joanna provided me so much clarity, that it was both a relief and an exciting adventure. She told me why my current relationship was hitting so many walls, and why it would never work, and that the man I had recently had only one date with was a relationship I definitely should pursue. She told me I would begin to sporadically begin working as an actress (which I hadn’t done in 5 years), and that I would be producing (which I had never expressed any interest in). Anyway, within one year, I became engaged and married to the man I had gone on the one date with, and now have two children. I am sublimely happy on a personal level. Furthermore, as he is a writer/director, I began working with him in a professional capacity as well, and we collaborated on a web series, and several films. I have acted…and you guessed it…produced all of these projects, just as Joanna had told me a year and a half before that I would. I also have booked a commercial, and secured new representation as an actress. In short, EVERYTHING Joanna told me would happen, has. I would recommend Joanna to anybody who could use some guidance in their life…particularly to those who are willing to put in the work to manifest the life they desire. The openness and willingness to making things happen for yourself, along with the guidance of a very gifted coach, could truly change your life.

Danielle Artigo Filmmaker February 10, 2017

The Best Meditations Ever! Joanna’s guided meditations have the ability to go deep into your Spirit and adjust your outlook on the perspectives we carry about situations in our lives and who we THINK we are. To my delight, I found out that my life path isn’t set in stone. She can so easily relate to both our human and spiritual sides. In fact, she is the most perfect bridge I’ve ever found to tie the two together. I’m thrilled with the changes and progress I’ve made in all areas of my life since connecting with Joanna.

Laara Exsnar Holistic Nutritionist February 10, 2017

Past notable clients include: Goldie Hawn, Monica Lewinsky, and Jenna Dewan Tatum.