Today I celebrated articles published in Focus Magazine and dropped off copies to E.G. Daily who has had a prolific career in Hollywood. Do you remember Dottie from Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure? That was E.G.! Or Babe, Pig In The City? That was E.G.! Or Baby Bumble from Happy Feet? That was… While I visited with E.G. I took advantage of the opportunity to ask what motivates her because we can never receive too much motivation! Watch E.G.’s Monday Motivation!

You can also watch my interview with E.G. Daily on Ever Talk TV where she shares in depth and detail how she made it in Hollywood as a singer, actress and voice over artist. If you’re a creative, you’ll be super inspired. The key is to make sure you implement E.G.’s advice. Action is what moves you forward, toward manifesting your heart’s desires.

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