Soul Abundance

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This soothing guided meditation will help you to clear and balance your energy. Everyone has energy blocks, that is why it important to have some form of meditation practice to keep you energized and in alignment with your life purpose. People often feel obligated to say, yes, when they need to say, no. Soul Abundance will help you intuitively know how to set healthy boundaries and maintain them so you can focus on your talents and doing what you love.

You will find that you experience more clarity in all your relationships and a deep inner peace. Many of my clients listen to Soul Abundance everyday because it helps them experience powerful results in their lives. The beautiful instrument that supports the guided meditation is the Chapman Stick® composed and played by Eliah.

Meditations For Successful Business Leadership

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This album has 6 unique meditations to give you the leading edge. As a business leader you need to think on the go, problem solve quickly, inspire your team and believe in your business plan, especially when you hit bumps in the road, which no business leader escapes. Meditations for Successful Business Leadership will help you to bounce back faster, make smarter decisions and generate more profit for your business and create a positive impact in your community. One of Steve Jobs secrets to success was using meditation as a tool to create and innovate. Use Meditations for Successful Business Leadership to reach new heights in your career.