Life Path Reading

Imagine having absolute clarity for your career, finances, relationships and health.

A life path reading is a great gift to yourself or a loved one. It will reveal…

  1. Clarity about your career path
  2. Show you the best way to make money
  3. Improve your love life
  4. How to communicate better with loved ones, friends and coworkers
  5. Heal your body
  6. Increase your intuition
  7. Figure out what to let go of from your life so you can create space for the new
  8. Connect with loved ones on the Other Side
  9. Understand why you experienced a betrayal in love or business and what you can do to avoid it happening ever again
  10. Release deep seated fear, pain or trauma
  11. Access inner peace and potential
  12. Develop confidence in your ability to make the best decisions

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Perhaps you are at a crossroads on your life path?

Are you concerned that you may make a choice that will set you back financially? It could be changing a career, starting a new business, forming a business partnership, hiring employees, moving home or relocating to another country.

Have you experienced heartbreak and wonder if you’ll ever find the love of your life?

Do you feel cautious to open your heart again in a romantic relationship? You may be trying to figure out if you should invest more time and energy into a new romance or if your current relationship is no longer aligned. Perhaps you’ve tried everything to make a relationship work and even though you love this person, find it hard to communicate with them successfully. You’re wondering is it them, you or both that is having the issue?

These are all important decisions that require careful attention. If you’ve had painful and negative experiences before and you know you don’t want to go through that type of pain again, a Life Path Reading will soothe your soul and help you get crystal clear about the state of your life.

After your Life Path Reading, my clients most often tell me that they feel as if a weight has been lifted off them, they are excited for their future and didn’t expect to have gratitude for the painful experiences from their past.

Why wouldn’t you want to increase your peace of mind?

It’s the martyr in you! Some part of you feels worthy when struggling to create your ideal life. When a martyr gets what they want, they typically feel guilty for the good they experience and then slip back into old patterns that not only cause them pain, for their loved ones too.

If you’re focused on spiritual growth and creating a better life for yourself, you’ll always be challenged to get outside your comfort zone. (Read Rule 11 from Big Miracles)

Being clear at a soul level minimizes your risk of failure.

Even the smartest, most successful and experienced people including, business owners, doctors, lawyers and celebrities, have blind spots. There is no shame in receiving support. It is an indicator of strength and an opportunity to be humble and grow wiser.

A Life Path Reading will assist you in gaining a fresh perspective to improve your life.
Why wait until it’s too late and carry regret? You can choose to create peace of mind, and confidence to move forward with courage and grace on your life path.

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Praise for Life Path Readings

“Speaking to Joanna felt like coming home to me and I can be quite the skeptic. She brought me to tears and confirmed the true purpose and soul of my dreams.” (Vanessa Marcil, Daytime Emmy Winner)

“Quite remarkable.” (Ellen Burstyn, Academy Award winner)
Past notable clients include: Goldie Hawn, Monica Lewinsky, and Jenna Dewan Tatum.

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What is a Life Path Reading?
It is a one-time 90 minutes reading via phone. It includes a recording so you can listen to the information again and absorb the spiritual connection and energy at a deeper level.

What is the investment for a Life Path Reading?
One payment of $1,500 via credit card. To purchase click on the “Schedule Now” link.

Do you have a pay plan option?
Yes, 3 monthly payments of $550 via credit card. When you click on the “Schedule Now” link, you’ll see an option for 3 monthly payments.

How do I schedule a Life Path Reading?
· First click on the “Schedule Now” button to buy your Life Path Reading.
· You will receive an order receipt to the email you provided.
· Once your order has been processed, you will receive another email with the subject line: Life Path Reading [Schedule Now].
· Inside that email will be a scheduling link for you to choose your ideal time for your Life Path Reading with Joanna.
· Once you’ve selected a time, you’ll receive an email confirmation with additional instructions and you’ll be set for your Life Path Reading with Joanna!
· If you do not receive the “Schedule Now” email, please check your other email folders including spam. If you still can’t find that email, send a message to

What if something negative or scary comes up in my Life Path Reading?
A Life Path Reading is a positive and empowering experience. Spirit doesn’t reveal anything about your life path that you can’t handle. Joanna has done many Life Path Readings over the past 20 years and no one has said to her that they felt worse afterwards. You will feel peaceful, inspired and ready for your life’s next steps! What you hear in your Life Path Reading isn’t set in stone, it is your opportunity to use the information received and create your ideal future.

What is the difference between a Life Path Reading and a psychic reading?
This is not a typical psychic reading. Joanna will be reading your soul’s blueprint. This is a once in a lifetime reading that will benefit you for the rest of your life. A deeper spiritual awakening will unfold for you, bringing with it a deeper understanding of whom you truly are and your soul’s purpose.

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