Don’t wait for miracles to happen—make them happen.
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Big Miracles

Experience the power of actively transforming your life with spiritual success coach Joanna Garzilli’s revolutionary 11 Spiritual Rules for creating Big Miracles, a life-changing program to manifest everyday miracles, create radical prosperity, and live a life filled with purpose.

Imagine creating miracles every day. The power is in your hands with Big Miracles. Spiritual success coach Joanna Garzilli has helped countless clients, from executives to celebrities, makeover their lives and find ultimate fulfillment. Now, she invites you to experience the power of her practical, prescriptive 11-step system to manifest miracles that lead to big breakthroughs in your life.

The 11 Spiritual Rules of Big Miracles will teach you exactly how to make huge positive changes in your life and to replace anxiety with tranquility, self-doubt with self-acceptance, and insecurity with certainty about your life purpose—how to achieve your dreams and actively create miracles. Each chapter shows you, with encouragement and grace, both how to live its lessons and how doing so will create your miracle. Laying the foundation with the first rule, Align with Spirit, Garzilli illustrates how to build from there to:

  • Be a Spiritual Vehicle
  • Commit to Your Breakthrough
  • Forgive Mistakes
  • Live Without Ego
  • Believe in Your Ability
  • Accept Responsibility
  • Aim High
  • Take the Right Action
  • Be of Service
  • Get Outside Your Comfort Zone

With Big Miracles, you will discover how to nurture your connection to Spirit to move forward with momentum and create the outcomes you desire. Filled with deep wisdom, empowering meditations and journaling exercises, and concrete strategies for achieving the life of your dreams, Big Miracles is your own personal guide to creating the miracles you never thought possible.

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What if you discovered the secret ingredient to your success? Everyone has a secret desire, even if they say they don’t. Everyone has shame about mistakes they’ve made in the past whether they admit it or not. Everyone has a burning desire to love and be loved, this is human nature, hard wired into the DNA of the soul. I challenge you to take a look at yourself in the mirror. I’m not talking about a physical mirror. Will you let me guide you on a psychic journey to the depths of your soul? Joanna’s breakthrough to her success came by facing her fears and denials, conquering her low self worth and finding the power to act upon her intuition.


I want you to see yourself for the angel you are—tune in and trust your heart.
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Learning how to trust in your intuition is the key to:

  • Successful decision making every time.
  • Meeting your soul mate and marriage partner.
  • Eliminating debt and creating financial security.
  • Awakening your clairvoyance and trusting your sixth sense.
  • Detecting blind spots to turn poor habits into good routines.
  • Releasing pain and replacing with confidence and inner peace.
  • Courage to set healthy firm boundaries.
  • Receiving guidance from your Higher Self to live your life purpose now.
  • Achieve success beyond what you think is possible.

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Angela Bassett

Black Panther, Mission Impossible – Fall Out, Golden Globe Award for Best Actress.

A wild ride through the heights of London to the depths of the soul. I couldn’t put it down.

Jenna Dewan February 7, 2017

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